Leading Agile Change for Executives (workshop)

Attention Corporate CXO’s, VP’s, and Directors

Are You Constantly Asked to Create More and More Change,
Faster and Faster, But Getting Less and Less Done? 

Then This Workshop Could Bring Sanity and Control
Back To Your Life and Work. Guaranteed.

If you are struggling to feel fully successful as an effective leader and are barely coping with constant change, then read this.

  • Are you already drowning under the weight of too many initiatives while being pressed to launch even more?
  • Does it seem like actions and decisions coming at you from all sides are just insane, to the point where you and your team are exhausted from dealing with it all?
  • And is the level of constant stress and frustration not only costing the business dearly, but unsustainable for executive health and relationships?

I thought so. 

You aren’t alone. The traditional executive mindset and skills for strategy, problem-solving, analysis, planning, decision-making, and execution ARE NO LONGER GETTING IT DONE . 

Why? (You likely know why — just not what to do about it.) The mindset and skills are actually not compatible with the rate of change, complexity, and uncertainty.

Is this your experience? If so, then welcome to

Leading Agile Change for Executives: How to Tune Yourself and Your Organization to Thrive in Change, Complexity, and Uncertainty

A Unique, Refreshing and Value-Packed One-Day Hands-On Learning Intensive for Executive Leaders. 

Gary Gauthier“In stress situations, when there is panic all around, I actually picture The Responsibility Process™ model in my mind and I can see what’s happening. I see why this guy’s blaming and that one’s justifying, and other’s are saying we have to do this or that.

Now I am much more agile as a leader because I can see what’s happening instead of being mired in it. I can be larger than the problem and deal with it clearly. I am much more clear and feel free to take action. It’s a large difference. As large as can be.”
-Gary Guthier, DTE

As you know, if your entire organization is not learning faster than your competitor, then your days are numbered. Competitors today can easily duplicate nearly everything about your business  EXCEPT for the single most important part–your leadership mindset and organizational culture. Winning today means tuning yourself and your organization to learn faster than your competition learns. It is about out-learning your competition across your entire organization.

And yet, most executives I know have built teams focused on being “right” rather than on learning — and that’s an expensive and often fatal mistake (when we meet I’ll show you). Because prevailing management theory and practice, developed decades ago in far more stable markets, focuses attention on extensive data collection and analysis, finding the “right” plan, and then rolling it out.

Now all that has been made obsolete in a world where everything around you is changing at an increasingly faster rate.

Sadly, most executive organizational and leadership skills were already obsolete when you learned them.

Just because we keep teaching the same old thing does not make it effective. How on earth did we get here?

I’ll tell you. 

Management practices being taught today in most universities and corporations were developed and proven during a far more stable period (like the middle of the last century). There is a 50+ year lag in our education system for good and proven ideas moving into widespread use. So, welcome to 1962.

It may not be fair that your skills were obsolete when you learned them. The good news is that it is not too late to retool and retune yourself and your organization.

Now you can take a hard look at the prevailing (old and obsolete) executive leadership skill set against a current and proven executive leadership skill set and see which will make you a more effective leader under conditions of change, complexity and uncertainty.

What I hear over and over again from executive leaders:

“There’s an amazing number of initiatives coming down.” “And there are already too many initiatives in the pipeline.” “Changes are coming so fast that I cannot make current things happen.”

“It’s just insane.” (This is the number one informal assessment I hear from executives in one-on-one meetings. Right after “How are things?” They tell me how they can’t believe what the Director, Executive Commitee, or Board is expecting them to execute).


  • Their superiors’ decisions are supposed to make sense — but they don’t
  • I’m supposed to sell it, but I don’t agree or understand
  • Sure, I can ask questions, but the answers are hollow and I’m left to fill in the blanks
  • I’m supposed to add new initiatives to my plate that is already overfilled
  • EVERYTHING is time-constrained, high priority, and needed yesterday
  • I’m supposed to prioritize MY work, but it doesn’t appear THEY know how to prioritize
  • I’m a smart, well-equipped leader and I’m feeling barely in control
  • I’m certainly not feeling in charge of my own fate
  • And I wonder if it’s my own fault — I’m supposed to be able to handle this

Yes. It is insane.

It’s the same experience, over and over and over again.  Isn’t it?

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Not for you, your team, or your organization.

The last 20 years have COMPLETELY REVOLUTIONIZED what we now know about organizing and leading for effective change and success. And yet these key insights have still not become mainstream (and likely won’t for another 30 or 40 years).

The secret to this success is in retooling your executive thinking skills and re-tuning both yourself AND your organization to THRIVE in change, complexity, and uncertainty.

This workshop is a full day of intensive hands-on proven-on-the-front-lines-of-leadership skill-building.

You will discover:

  • The shocking truth about why leaders who know they should prioritize, don’t do it — and what to do about it.
  • Why and how to develop a cadence of learning, change, and adaptation
  • The true source of momentum in effective organizations
  • The easy way to develop an organization of learning communities
  • How and why to limit work-in-process to increase responsiveness to change
  • Why learning is the bottleneck to effective change and innovation and what to do about it
  • The shocking truth about why you may not want “full utilization” on your team
  • How to reduce strategic risk and increase organizational effectiveness by getting everyone involved in strategic thinking

Cockburn’s Knowledge Acquisition Curve

  • The critical distinction between “working hard” and “adding value” for every member of your organization and how to lead and organize for the latter
  • And, this game-changing secret: The HUGE difference between “linear” thinking and “empirical” thinking. My bet is that you are steeped in the first (i.e., data acquisition, analysis, planning, getting it all right, then executing) and you require the latter (empirical thinking — rhythmically probing and experimenting, checking results, reflecting, learning, and improving) to succeed in this environment.
  • The un-measured ENORMOUS COST of striving to be “right,” and what to do about it
  • Powerful proven philosophies and frameworks for thriving in uncertainty and change from the fields of strategic management, execution, leadership, and large scale organizational change — yes, this goes way beyond Agile software development, thank goodness.
  • How to take 100% responsibility for getting above the fray, thinking for yourself, and leading yourself in sane and effective directions
  • How to dramatically increase the levels of personal responsibility and ownership behavior around you and in your team and organization

What impact will this workshop have on your business?

  • Dramatically increase the likelihood of success and reduce the risk of failure
  • Reduces the cost of change and accelerates the payoff
  • Produces faster acceptance, less resistance, and greater satisfaction with the change

But don’t take our word for it, see what past participants of this training have to say:

tim miller“I’ve just finished Christopher Avery’s class and I came into my office to have a meeting with a woman that I work with, and I must have used four models in the first five minutes that were all applicable to the problem and I plan to use those day in day out for the rest of my professional career.”

“This is the first leadership development training program that I’ve been to where I agreed with every concept and model presented. I believe that it will be applicable to my entire executive management team in building a way that we manage people and lead them to the success that we are likely to have over the coming years.”

“There have been a few times in Rally’s history where we’ve taken the entire executive team and extended management team for a two day training. This has got to be the most impactful training we’ve done in the seven years of our existence. If you run an agile development shop, and have agile teams but want to extend that to become an agile enterprise, Christopher Avery’s course can help build that set of muscles within your organization, to not only do agile and scrum and lean within your organization but broaden that throughout the entire enterprise.

–Tim Miller, CEO, Rally Software

tom houdeshell“We have studied The Responsibility Process® over the past 3 years to help educate our entire organization on personal and shared responsibility. And we have experienced dramatic results. We have simply become one of the top-performing injection molding companies in North America by any measure. In addition, The Leadership Gift™ has allowed my personal/professional career to transcend to a new level. One thing I noticed after studying The Responsibility Process with my entire manufacturing plant…it is like business goes into hyper speed!!! We get on stuff and make things happen! We get off of “stuck” quicker. I don’t even have time to type all of the wins! Thanks again!”

–Thomas Houdeshell, President, ATEK Plastics, Kerrville, Texas


Curtis Verstreight“It gave me a fundamental capability that now I wonder how I ever managed to do without.”

–Curtis Verstraete, President, Bishop Information Group, Inc, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


You’ll also Receive These Bonuses

book75* A copy of Christopher’s book Teamwork Is An Individual Skill: Getting Your Work Done When Sharing Responsibility to reference and reinforce your continued learning after the intensive. (A $23 value)

leadersguide119x150* Your own copy of The Leader’s Guide supplement to Teamwork Is An Individual Skill for role-specific guidance about how to apply the principles in the book (and training intensive). (A $49 value)

responsible change_cover*  Your own copy of  Responsible Change, the 32-page Cutter Executive Report one CTO called “the most insightful view ever into understanding and practicing organizational change.” (a $150 value)

5-flawless-steps288x412* Your own copy of Christopher’s 44-page Special Report Five Flawless Steps to Building a Strong Executive Leadership Team (a $97 value)

* Invitation to a private 60-75 minute follow-up teleconference with Christopher Avery and your class-mates a few weeks following the live session. You will have the unique opportunity to ask questions after having an opportunity to apply your new leadership skills on the job. (a $247 Value)

* and a Certificate of Completion for 6.5 classroom hours. Participants who fully engage in the entire intensive from beginning to end will receive a certificate for 6.5 hours you can submit to your professional association for continuing education credits.

Why now?

Why am I offering this workshop for executives? That’s easy. After 27 years as an applied organization and leadership scientist, I see a proven way to put an end to incessant suffering. And I don’t want you to have to wait fifty years for it to filter into executive leadership development.

There’s another reason. The proven ideas I’ll bring into this workshop are well-established in some fields, especially in entrepreneurial companies and high technology. There are skilled young leaders in those industries who excel already in the abilities you’ll learn in this workshop. And but for some domain expertise, they are ready to compete for your job. I’d like to see you extend your career and add even more value to your industry, your company, your team, and your family and community.

I know that together we can make a far greater impact not only in performance but also in humanity and happiness at work. 

Money-Back Guarantee

The quality of our work is unconditionally guaranteed. If the quality is not to your satisfaction we will make every effort to make it right, including refunding your fee. I refuse to have unhappy customers.

Cancellation policy

    You may substitute anytime. Cancel more than 4 weeks prior for a full refund. You may switch session dates anytime. No refunds after switching a session date.


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