What I Learned From Children – the Book

What I Learned From ChildrenAn Excerpt from Kimberly Cordell’s “What I Learned From Children”

Christopher Avery here. I’ve known Kimberly most of our lives. She married one of my best buds and we’ve all stayed buds, so I’ve watched their three girls — who appear in the photos on every page of this book — grow into happy and talented women.

Beginning a few years ago, at the end of a day of teaching or volunteering as a red-nosed smiley clown at the hospital to cheer children, Kimberly would post a new “What I Learned From Children” insight on Facebook. I found inspiring her perceptions and translations of what kids brought to her day. I’m so glad Kimberly gathered those posts into this book.

Here is an excerpt — fitting for this blog, about teamwork — from “What I Learned From Children.” (I suggest buying extra copies as gifts. I did.)

Be Good and help

Psalms 121: 2
My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.
Many hands can make more work,
but teamwork gets the job done.

Kimberly Cordell

Kimberly Cordell

Kimberly Cordell is a retired elementary school teacher, dividing her time between Charleston, South Carolina, and Ashtabula, Ohio. Married to Stuart Cordell, they have three lovely daughters together from whom they still learn lessons every day.

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