Live Q&A tomorrow about how to build any team any time

You’ve been asking a bunch of excellent questions about the upcoming session of Knowledge Team Leadership (October 21-22, 2008 in Boulder CO). So I’m going to do at least one live call-in Q&A preview talk show. I’ll address all the questions and spill the beans about what I’ve learned in 20 years of studying team leadership and how I’m absolutely certain that anyone can build any team any time. If there is interest in doing more Q&A preview shows, then we’ll do more.

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The live Q&A preview talk show is Friday, August 22 at 1pm Eastern / Noon Central / and 10am Pacific. Click the button to go to the show’s website where you can subscribe to RSS reminders and read all about the show.

What do you want to know about leading, building, or succeeding in teams?

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We’ll discuss whatever you want to know, as well as tell you about the content, format, objectives, and benefits of the upcoming session of Knowledge Team Leadership and whether it is right for you or your team.

Posted in Teamwork on 08/21/2008 01:57 am
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