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screaming businesswomanWhen things go well, responsibility is seldom an issue. But when that graceful state of flow turns to upset because your attention gets disrupted by a problem you didn’t anticipate or don’t want to deal with, your words reveal where your head is:

  • I didn’t know that was my job!
  • It’s not my fault; she did it!
  • That’s just the way it is; there’s nothing I can do!
  • Blame me; I’ll take the hit!
  • I have to; otherwise I’ll get in trouble!
  • Whatever!
  • Yep, that’s my mess and here’s what I’m doing to clean it up…

Just for Fun

Match each of the seven phrases above to one of the seven positions on the Responsibility Process™ poster.

responsibility process

The only positive, productive response to problems in the workplace is taking Responsibility.

Responsibility Process™ Tips

First, if you want to expand your ability to respond to problems, listen for and catch yourself saying or even thinking those non-productive thoughts that everybody experiences when things go wrong.

Then, stop yourself from acting on those non-productive thoughts and tell yourself that there’s more for you to own about the situation.

Finally, examine your upset and the situation to find a new and expansive truth you can act on to move forward responsibly and resourcefully.


Unproductive thoughts and disruptive actions can cost you dearly and cause a lot of avoidable stress at work. Which of the seven responses to upset lead to resourceful thinking and acting so that your productivity doesn’t suffer?

Want to learn more?

The Responsibility Process™ reveals how you internally explain and deal with upsets, large and small. Tap into the power of the Responsibility Process by listening to and owning your thoughts and words when you aren’t getting what you want. Download your own free Responsibility Process™ poster. And check out the Journey to Responsibility DVD-based workshop designs.

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