Missions 32 & 33 accomplished

I was home last week. Thank goodness… Catching up, resting a bit, spending some time with my family, getting ready to teach Knowledge Team Leadership in Boulder this week, and still pursuing the vision.

While here I got to spend a whole day with an IT leadership team in the academic health science field. I supported them in moving further toward operating as a responsibility-centric team of leaders building a customer-oriented organization. They played full-on all day and it was great to be with them.

Then I drove to downtown San Antonio where I was the monthly speaker for the August meeting of the Alamo Project Manager’s Association (PMI). There were around 100 people in attendance eager to hear about agile project leadership and Responsibility Redefined. They were a great audience. We had a wonderful time together, and a couple dozen stayed to chat well-past meeting-end.

A special bonus was that the group donated $51 toward the Responsibility Redefined Fund.

Posted in Agile, Teamwork on 09/04/2007 08:01 am
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