Modern Plastics Recognizes Power of Responsibility Redefined

Image of Modern Plastics logoThe March 2007 issue of Modern Plastics magazine recognizes Partnerwerks client ATEK Plastics for their amazing four-year turn-around story in which Responsibility Redefined played a role in re-building the culture and focusing both leadership and plant employees on a powerful language for continuous improvement. Responsibility Redefined leveraged ATEK’s efforts in Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, internal collaboration, as well as customer and supplier partnering. You can read the story online.

Congratulations to ATEK Plastics president Tom Houdeshell and his amazing “A-team” on theirImage of ATEK Plastics logo success. It’s really fun to hear Tom describe all the statistics that have changed during the last four years. They are winning in every category from revenue to margin to defects to employee turnover. I’ve written about ATEK before. You can see Tom’s November 2006 note to me posted here. When you read it, check out Tom’s enthusiasm about his team’s wins. And since it is apropos, I’m going to offer you a hidden link where you can read a Responsibility Etip that I wrote last year after attending ATEK’s 60th birthday bash.

Since Tom’s clearly one of the good guy’s in business leadership, let’s attract his winning team some internet aggregating attention by posting (see Digg It & Share This buttons below), linking to this blog entry or the Modern Plastics url, and emailing your colleagues this story about Responsibility Redefined in action.

Posted in Collaboration, Leadership, Responsibility on 03/23/2007 01:20 pm
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