More Buzz on Personal Agility and Responsibility

Portia Tung kindly commented on my recent post about the buzz on my Agile University article that she would like to see me present Responsibility Redefined at Agile2008. . .

Gotta respond to a softball like that

Hey Portia – thanks for the nudge, and for the kudos on Responsibility Redefined. I’ve beenImage of MP3 product debating what to propose for Agile 2008. At Agile2005, 2006, and 2007 I’ve done a tutorial or talking head titled “Demonstrating Responsibility: The Mindset of an Agile Leader.” That was also a keynote at the combined XPAgileUniverse2004 (was that the right name?) conference in Calgary.

My team turned out an audio MP3 replay of the Agile2007 session so people like you can listen to it, even repeatedly if that’s helpful (it is for me — I listen to truly important and life-changing content over and over to even begin to integrate it into my nervous system!), and, so you can share it with others.

Question for you . . .

What would you like to see me propose for Agile2008? Should I continue to offer the same title. It always draws a crowd.

Or should I offer the material in a little different positioning? Like “Unlocking and Activating Your Personal Agility: Putting Your Response Ability to Work.”

What do you think?

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