“Most important 2 hours of my professional life”

That is what one C-level leader said to me and the entire audience about the preceding two hours. Seriously.

It was during the Q&A time of one of the presentations I made last week in Mexico to a variety of industry and education leaders.

I’ve heard this kind of spontaneous wonderment from top leaders before after introducing them to Responsibility Redefined™. Some of those comments have  been offered as testimonials and we include them with name and company information in the client endorsements sheet we send out with my “speaker kit” (that’s industry jargon for the package of information a meeting planner reviews when evaluating a speaker like me for an engagement).

And this leader immediately spoke to my host and invited me to give the same introduction of Responsibility Redefined™ to his company soon. I look forward to returning to Mexico soon for that engagement.

The leader went on to lead a discussion among the other leaders in the room about the problems facing industries of all types in Mexico, and how the problems cannot be solved by regulations, politics, technologies, or even market strategies, but only by responsible leadership at all levels. He said “the value of understanding how responsibility works in the mind and systematically applying this discovery to develop a culture of responsible leadership at all levels is so great it can not be calculated.”

What do you think?

Posted in Responsibility on 07/01/2008 03:30 pm
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