My Cranky Middle Manager Podcast Interview Happened Yesterday

Wayne Turmel’s Skype rang once, rang twice, rang—oops, my Skype crashed. It was a good omen.

A few minutes later when Wayne Turmel and I reconnected, yes on Skype, which is how Wayne Turmel records his Cranky Middle Manager podcast interviews with authors and other experts, Wayne Turmel told me that the more technological glitches suffered during an interview the better the interview and the greater the number of downloads (The Cranky Middle Manager podcast is averaging 25,000 downloads a month for The Podcast Network). So this ought to be a good one.

If you know Wayne Turmel’s Cranky Middle Manager podcast, you know that Wayne Turmel is witty, fast on the draw, frequently irreverent (wait until you hear what he said after I responded “Free, powerful, and at choice” to his opening “How are you today Christopher?”), and though he jokes about weasels (“Don’t letNo Weasals image the weasels get you down” is his trademark close), Wayne Turmel has high regard for his audience and knows they seek real answers about how they can be great in their role at work and in their lives.

Wayne Turmel asked me insightful questions about the connection between my book, Teamwork Is An Individual Skill: Getting Your Work Done When Sharing Responsibility, and Responsibility Redefined™. The primary focus on the 30 minute interview was the common complaint about having all the responsibility and none of the authority. As you can imagine, I had much to say about that.

Wayne Turmel told me to look for his Cranky Middle Manager podcast interview with me to air before the end of May. I’ll let you know when it posts.

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