Need a blog set up?

I just had a great experience with Sarah Lewis, blogging guru at Blogging Expertise. If you seek the aid of someone who

  • clearly understands the medium,
  • knows the technology inside and out, and
  • who listens, communicates, and coaches with ease and grace,

then talk to Sarah right away.

I loved working with Sarah. She met me where I was (fed up with the first blogging app we chose), recommended a three step process to install Word Press and import my blog into it, then go live. And she did it all working with Flower (our own marketing guru) while I was on the road so Sarah and I have only actually talked on the phone once, yet I feel a great rapport with her.

 Thanks Sarah. You're the bomb.

Posted in Recommended Resources on 11/18/2006 07:36 am
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