New semester of The Leadership Gift™ Program starts March 3, 2017



Why does The Leadership Gift Program exist?  This principle, one of many from The Responsibility Process (book), explains it:

Responsibility isn’t my character, it is what I practice. Society deems us responsible if we are good citizens. The Responsibility Process and related tools … provide a different lens—Responsibility is not who I am, it is what I practice.

My desire for you and others is that you, too, see Responsibility not as who you are but as what you practice. I know you can practice and master Responsibility to shape your life, relationships, and work in the direction that you want.

Of The Responsibility Processall the people who are initially awestruck and inspired by The Responsibility Process few actually develop a responsibility practice. Why?

It’s challenging. Practice can be the hardest part of learning.

More importantly, it is hard to do by oneself. Much better is to build your practice with the support of others doing the same.

The Leadership Gift Program is a membership community where people support each other in developing their practices. Yes, there are a set of  8 Core Modules that we want people to complete so they have a solid grounding. This is knowledge, let’s call it stage one of mastery.

Many people like to get started with a cohort group. So I’ll be teaching the 8 Core Modules in a 16-week semester starting March 3, 2017.

Knowledge isn’t enough though. It must be applied through skill-building and active learning. Let’s call this stage two of mastery. For this we provide two types of ongoing group mentoring web meetings. These video calls are where members see their practice taking shape, break through stuck spots, and change their lives in inspiring ways.

practitioner badgeThe third stage of mastery is sharpening and refining one’s responsibility practice in preparation to serve others as a teacher, coach, or mentor. For this we offer accreditations so members are recognized for skills and results demonstrated.

New members get immediate access to the content, community, web meetings, and master teachers, all for an affordable monthly or annual fee. It’s about developing a practice, not just attending knowledge-transfer webinars.

The Leadership Gift Program was designed for leaders and coaches prepared to invest in themselves. Now, plenty of employers are sponsoring employees in the program. Why? It’s just the type of personalized, high-impact personal leadership development needed in today’s world.

Interested candidates can learn more and reserve their spot for the March-June cohort group at The Leadership Gift Program information page. Use promo code grow at checkout to save $50 on the monthly membership or $100 on the annual membership.


Promoters who would like to help us reach more people may be interested in the new program for referral partners.


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