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Agile Leadership: Bag Stuffing Lean Flow Videos – First in a Series

Lean Flow Process Overview If you attend Agile2012 next week in Grapevine, Texas check out Sunday’s informal Bag Stuffing session for a first hand experience with Lean Flow principles in action. After hearing about this for a number of years I finally committed last year to arrive early on Sunday and join the all-volunteer team […]


Leading Responsible Change In The Workplace

I provided the opening keynote for the May 24  Path to Agility annual conference in Columbus Ohio to an appreciative audience. The slides are in my presentation archive. Dante Vilardi (profile) of Pillar Technology contacted me with an interesting follow-up:


Collaborative Leadership is Required for Agile Environments

A couple of months ago I wrote that Agile Is More Than a Set of Methods — It’s a Leadership Mindset. Agile methods won’t thrive unless the IT leadership mindset and culture is itself agile, and for most agile experts, that implies collaborative leadership. Why is collaborative leadership required for agile environments? Good question. Consider […]


Presentation Archive

Presentation Archive Are you looking for video or presentation materials from one of Christopher’s recent presentations? Find the presentation below. Then follow the links. Enjoy. 7 Things Executive Leaders Can Do Today to Craft a Culture of Responsibility (RallyOn14, June 9, 2014) Presentation slides PDF Leading Agile Change: Empirical Leadership (Rally Software Portfolio Webinar Series, November […]


The Benefits of Retrospective Meetings at the End of Every Project Iteration

The retrospective is a specific type of meeting in agile approaches that occurs at the end of an iteration in which the team reserves time and attention to discuss what worked well and what team members wish to improve during the next iteration. The basic process for an iteration retrospective is to gather the team […]


Agile Is More Than a Set of Methods — It’s a Leadership Mindset

Most still think of agility as a set of skills and methods as opposed to an astonishingly effective and high-performing mindset, culture, and approach to leadership. A friend of mine condemns many IT organizations as “team ghettos.” Designing a team ghetto is easy: organize developers into teams and organize management into silos over the teams, […]


Learning from Problems is the Key to Great Leadership

An important theme across agile project management discussions is how critical dealing with reality is — discovering the truth about code, customer, competition, control, or calendar, and acting on it quickly. To sum it up: speed and relevance are key and the essence of agility. Investing in systems to collect, store, and forward information is […]



Responsible Change: Executive Report (PDF) Who it is for: Execs, owners, entrepreneurs What it is: 28-page executive report prepared for the Cutter Consortium applying The Leadership Gift to change. More about Responsible Change: Executive Report (PDF) >> Leading Agile Change for Executives: How to Tune Yourself and Your Organization to Thrive in Change, Complexity, and […]


Leading Knowledge Teams to be Agile

Leading Knowledge Teams to be Agile With the advent of lean thinking and agile methods, the old command-and-control structures are giving way to self-directed teams. Uncovering what makes these teams function effectively and what enhances or inhibits  collaboration are questions of growing importance. Teamwork does not depend on group-bonding or a facilitator’s magic art. Teamwork is […]


Now that’s Lean Packaging

Imagine my delight when I opened the front door one day this week and there on the porch were two tractor tires held together with some strong packing tape. They’d been dropped off by one of our friendly delivery truck drivers. As you may know we live in a rural area called Comfort, Texas, outside […]

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