Personal Leadership: How Anyone Can Take Charge in Life and Work

RP graphicNormally this blog gives freely and asks little. Today is different.

We’re giving and asking. 

You see starting tomorrow and for the next two or three weeks, scores of leaders and coaches worldwide will apply for admission to The Leadership Gift™ Program 2014. Why?

Because it works.

It works for leading yourself to the life, career, and relationships of your dreams.

It works for leading peers, superiors, and reports to high engagement and performance.

It works to reduce even the most overwhelming challenges to speed-bump status.

And it works for positive change in any arena.

People are also applying for admission because The Leadership Gift Program graduates comprise a growing world-wide community who are designing their futures together.

If you or someone you care about is ready for significant growth in order to take charge of what’s next, take a look at the sneak preview opportunities this week. But don’t take my word for it.

Check out the members own words in the video below.

Here’s more proof.

In early October I visited a Fortune 250 client that I last worked with in 2007. They told me that the Responsibility Process™ was the stickiest leadership/team/culture improvement information they had ever invested in. That means it produces a great return on investment of time, money, and effort.

They also told me they noticed a distinct difference between those leaders who had embraced The Leadership Gift™ and those who didn’t.

Can you guess the difference?

Those who embraced The Leadership Gift were noticeably more successful in building teams and leading change. Their teams had significantly higher engagement scores, and were better performers. These leaders also teamed together to bust through silos. And not surprisingly, they each were on the move in their careers.

Those who did not embrace The Leadership Gift had fallen back relative to the first group.

Which future is yours?

Here’s a note sent me by a software development manager in the UK.

A year ago I was struggling. I felt overwhelmed by problems and demands, I wasn’t happy with the direction my job was going, I was still unhappy about a failed Society chairmanship, and I felt both my management and my team were expecting me to make all the decisions and take all the responsibility.

“In all areas of my life I had huge backlogs of things waiting to be done.

“In the last year working with Christopher, I have worked out what matters to me and what I really want. I have cleared out, resolved or passed on a lot of things I am not interested in so I can focus on what I do care about. I have managed to give the team space to take responsibility and ownership for their delivery, and we are about to make our release imminent.

“I have found time to do more things which inspire me – I have published my first paper, given my first presentations at conferences. I have picked up several issues in the company which were affecting me and I am driving them to a conclusion. I have even found a different way to inspire people in the work of the Society by teaching instead of administering, and I am enjoying it so much more.

My family has noticed the difference in me, saying I’m much nicer to be with and they feel less worried blamed – when my wife and I were reviewing our finances recently, she insisted membership of this programme was well worth continuing.”
-Ian Brockbank, Edinburgh, Scotland

And check this flattering article from a leading expert on agile business.

By Gil Broza

“One evening at Agile 2013 in Nashville, I got to meet a special group of people. They all had a glint in their eyes. They carried and expressed themselves with a higher level of awareness than I usually encounter in my consulting and coaching travels.

“All of them were members of The Leadership Gift community, which my good friend Christopher Avery mentors and facilitates. I’ve brought some of his work to you before, but I don’t usually get to close the loop with folks who choose to join his program. This time I did, and its effects are striking. Privately, people have shared with me advances on both professional and personal levels.

“Curious to know what that’s about? Can you dedicate an hour to absorb some of Christopher’s wisdom? You have a rare chance to do that soon on a webinar with him

“He will show you how to quickly become a stronger leader. With his guidance, you will achieve increased clarity and better resourcefulness, and your team will grow and thrive.

“Even if you’ve attended previous talks of Christopher’s, you need to hear his principles and processes a few times to get maximum benefit. This is deep stuff, not a set of easy steps.

“I am convinced that by spreading Christopher’s message, we can make the world of work a better place.”

Learn more now about the sneak preview opportunity this week. I’m asking because The Leadership Gift will give back forever.

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