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Team Leadership Expert Christopher Avery, PhD, to Lead Highly Effective Two Day Team Building Workshop

Unique Team Building and Leadership Workshop Intensive Teaches How to Develop Excellent Team Dynamics

Comfort, TX, August 22, 2008 – Nothing feels better than knowing exactly how to make a team click and acting on that knowledge.  The thin line between success and failure often depends on our ability to work with  team members that are spread too thin, live in different time zones or cultures, may not be aligned around the project and don’t have common goals.  In a perfect world, we’d lead or work with a team of people that practice the highest standards of shared responsibility every day, in every situation with everyone around them. According to Christopher Avery, PhD, and author of Teamwork is an Individual Skill, “It is possible to master leadership under conditions of shared responsibility.” With this in mind, Avery is offering a uniquely effective two day workshop to teach team leaders, members, project managers, and coaches a proven approach to systematically take responsibility for succeeding while depending on others over whom they have no control and deliver results every time.
“Throughout my 20 years in the field, I’ve found one fundamental principle that accounts for the difference between truly great team builders and those who are average, struggling or failing.  The difference is in how they deal with personal and shared responsibility.  Effective teams feel it.  On effective teams, if one person drops the ball, another picks it up, and if one person makes a mistake or falls behind, another lends a hand.  Low and average performing teams seem to lack this sense of shared responsibility. I developed the Knowledge Team Leadership program to give team leaders and members the tools they need to deliver results and have fun with any team starting immediately,” adds Avery.

Knowledge Team Leadership is an intensive two days of hands-on proven-on-the-frontline leadership development and team building program held October 21-22 at Agile University, a division of Rally Software, in Boulder, CO, USA.  Participants will walk away understanding why a team does or doesn’t generate a felt sense of shared responsibility, a set of team building activities they can use at work with any team, and diagnostic and interpersonal “tools” that can be used immediately. Most importantly, participants will learn there is always some effective action they can take to build a team any time.  According to past participant Dale Legband, Director, R&D, KLA-Tencor, “The powerful teams I’ve created since attending this seminar five years ago have delivered almost every project run on-time and on-budget and employee retention has been excellent.

Knowledge Team Leadership was developed and is facilitated by world class expert on personal and shared responsibility, Christopher Avery, PhD.  A popular speaker, author, and mentor, Avery is committed to redefining responsibility in all societies throughout the world.  His book, Teamwork is an Individual Skill: Getting Your Work Done When Sharing Responsibility is in its ninth printing and was recognized in by Fortune Magazine as “the only teamwork book worth reading.”

The cost for this high impact event is $1395.  Space is limited so act quickly.  For information or to register for Knowledge Team Leadership, visit or contact Christopher Avery at

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