Resolutions for a Responsibility Redefined New Year

Out with 2005 graphicA reporter asked me for unique New Year’s resolutions, so I asked myself what Responsibility Redefined has to offer. Here’s what I came up with.

Resolve this year, and every day, and every year, to:

  1. Acknowledge your humanity — your ability to both fall down and to get up and brush yourself off.
  2. Forgive yourself for all past, present, and future broken resolutions — not because they weren’t meaningful, but because you deserve to give yourself breaks and more chances.
  3. Make only resolutions that contribute to your sense of well-being (no, you don’t have to like your mother-in-law, but it might contribute to your sense of well-being when you find ways to support your spouse in his/her relationship with his/her mom).
  4. Turn your feelings of obligation (aka, shoulds, have to’s and other form of compliance) into ownership of your choices.
  5. Convert your feelings of guilt and shame into clarity about what there is to know or do so you can let them go and move on.
  6. Let go of your thoughts of excuses, stories, and justifications, so you can see beyond them to what you can do.
  7. Blame none for your upsets, and clearly request what you want from others.
  8. Claim your wins and acknowledge those whose actions fill your sails.
  9. Face that which will reveal new truth to you and expand your freedom, choice, and power.

Happy New Year graphic

What would you add?

Posted in Responsibility on 01/02/2007 11:53 am
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