Responsibility Redefined Missions 39, 40, and 41 for 2007

A few months ago I started counting each mission I made out into the field to introduce, teach, or advance the practice of Responsibility Redefined with some group. Since my last post, woefully long ago, we've accomplished three missions.

Global Educators Academy, Mission #39

A small group of consultants, software developers, investors, CEO's, parents, and coaches from across the country and the world assembled in Comfort, Texas for three days of in-depth study with me about how to apply and teach the Responsibility Process and the Keys to Responsibility to increase the freedom, power, and choice in your life; to build more powerful teams, to raise more responsible kids; and to develop cultures of responsible leadership. As promised, we delved into an advanced and powerful Responsibility Redefined tool called the Power or Control Cycle.

The next Global Educators Academy is scheduled for 4-6 April 2008. Get on our Responsibility eTips list to stay informed about upcoming preview tele-calls. Watch video testimonials from attendees on YouTube.



Gap Inc. Direct, Mission #40Gap logo

Mid-November found me in San Francisco, a city I love to visit, at the headquarters of the famous retailer Gap Inc. The Gap Inc. Direct folks—they are the ones who keep all the online portals humming for the Gap brands including the Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Piperlime—took an interest in Responsibility Redefined and asked me in to do some workshops.

They were a present and engaged bunch. I love sharing Responsibility Redefined to people like that. 

Hewlett-Packard Agile SIG, Mission #41HP logo

The day after I got home from San Francisco I drove over to Austin to teach a virtual seminar at the HP Austin site that was attended worldwide by HP employees who are members of the Agile Special Interest Group within HP.  And, it was recorded so if you are an employee in HP, you can probably access that 90-minute recorded training.

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Other Missions for 2007.

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