Responsible Leadership From the Refrigerator Door

Your refrigerator door is one of the places I suggest you hang a copy of the Responsibility Process poster. Other suggestions include your office, conference rooms, and, of course, the all-powerful bathroom mirror. The objective is to see it often.

Following Directions

Agile industry colleague Mike Cottmeyer sent me this photo of his family’s refrigerator where his copy of the Responsibility Process poster has hung since he received it while attending my presentation at Agile2006. In addition to finding it practical and useful in his work as an agile coach, Mike has a young family and enjoys studying, demonstrating (i.e., modeling), asking for, and teaching responsibility with his kids.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Making Agile Real

As an aside, I’ve just agreed to serve on one of the program committees for Agile2009 (Chicago, August 24-28, 2009). The theme of the conference is Making Agile Real.

Thanks to Steven “Doc” List for recruiting me onto the New to the Agile Stage program committee. I look forward to serving.


Where do you have your Responsibility Process posters displayed?

What’s the date and place of your longest-hanging poster?

How have keeping the posters visible affected your life, work, and relationships?

Send pictures please.

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