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I appreciate you. And I appreciate your interest in how personal and shared responsibility works in the mind. People like you joined me today for a solid hour of my best information about leading, teaming, and succeeding through 100% ownership. It’s live, no-cost, and completely driven by your questions. You were there right? Or are you already enjoying the life, work, and relationships of your dreams? If not, what’s your #1 question about increasing your freedom, power, and choice — about overcoming any challenge and achieving anything?

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Feel free to gather your team around the conference table and take advantage of this no-cost team development opportunity. Lots of teams did that today all over the world.

Rave Review

Here’s an email I received from Alissa Beeler in Tennessee after last month’s Ask Christopher Avery tele-clinic:

Dear Christopher,

I did hear your broadcast and really appreciated your response. Your answer was terrific! Yes, I took notes! And am starting my Responsibility Practice TODAY!

Thank you for your great ideas, perspectives and most of all for being willing to go over this information again and again until we “get it”. We do have the best of intentions, but being human, we tend to rationalize and find we have drifted so far away, or just plain “forgot” our intent.

You are exactly right – this needs to be a daily practice with it “in your face” and I really like the accountability of the score-keeping game. I have down-loaded the poster as you suggested on the call and am putting copies in several places to remind me. I have your book as well.

Thank you so very much for sharing yourself and your perspective. And please keep those great tips coming.

You sir, are definitely one of those people of integrity with a very valid moral compass and stand as a shining example.  Thank you!

~Alissa Beeler, Tennessee

This week’s questions

Maria:    Christopher, I very much enjoy listening to your tele-clinics, and have found them very helpful, with practical advice I can apply.  Last month I asked a question related to older children; you gave a short (v. helpful to “carry with”!) answer in the last minute, but said you may try to elaborate in the next clinic.

Belinda:  What one thing can I do be more consistent in taking personal responsibility? Paula:    What are some ways to move out of justify?

Drew:    In a professional management setting, does delegation equate to taking full responsibility?

Zachary:    How can I endow employees at all levels with a sense of personal responsibility?  I have tried conveying the importance of all tasks, how even small ones effect the whole project either negatively or positively.

Joe:    Can you get these teleclinics in mp3s?

Pam:    How do I get my team to share a vision about what our team’s responsibility is to the larger organization?

Lyz:    How can I coach my team to be responsible?

Jim:    What is the most effective way to help a person move out of the “deep victim” stance into a more self-responsible way of being?

Ron:    How do you get a team leader to acknowledge the concerns of the team members. Many of the questions and issues are passed over because of “time constraints”, no closure and team problems fester.

Geoff:    How do we identify the 20% of people in an Organisation that will embrace ‘responsibility’ and change the environment for the other 80%?

Samantha:    I enjoy my work in HR, but sometimes it seems like there are so many boundries/barriers. Making choices help us to grow but can be scary as well. I want those who I support to know I can add value. I feel that team work can help in building more self confidence for hard choices. Can you speak to this?

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