Responsible Team Leadership interview scheduled with Simon Walker

World Champion Around-the-World Sailing Challenge

I’ll be talking with London-based Simon Walker about leading and building championship teams, something he knows a lot about firsthand. Simon has led teams on polar expeditions and round-the-world yacht races.

When, How to Listen

Wednesday, January 7, 9AM US Central / 3PM UK  on my Christopher Avery Lead Team Succeed talk radio show. Put it on your calendar now. You can even subscribe to an RSS and/or email reminder (at the link). And, if you can’t make it live, you can listen later to the audio recording.

About Simon

Before setting up his leadership consultancy, he was Managing Director of a well-known sports marketing business for seven years.

Simon is regularly invited to speak on leadership and team building in complex and challenging environments and was featured in Fast Company Magazine’s ‘Who’s Fast in 2001′ selection of 16 business leaders.

I was impressed with the title of Fast Company’s article about him: I Can Only Compete Through My Crew. How true. Read the article at Fast Company or download a PDF here.

Before setting up talentsmoothie, Simon co-founded and built a successful leadership consultancy where he could put into practice what he preached. He worked at every level within large organisations all over the world including Royal Bank of Scotland, Credit Suisse, Savills and Anglian Water Group. If there is a question you’d like me to ask Simon, please enter it in the comments section here.

What Should I ask?

I’m sure we can find plenty to talk about, but let me know what you want me to ask him, okay? Just hit the comment link below.

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