Software Quality Webinar with Rally’s Zach Nies

Rally software’s VP of Products Zach Nies and I will present a free webinar The Best Kept Secret of Agile Software Quality. The date is January 12, 2010

Our premise is that software quality is a 3-legged stool composed of process, technology, and people. Most of the focus on improving quality goes into process and technology, but we believe the most gain is made from focusing on people and interactions.

Zach and I started talking about this at Agile2009 in September over lunch. He was telling me about how Rally’s customers complaints about their quality always make him think about Responsibility Process as a tool for improving quality. So we are going to make the case for using the Responsibility Process as a personal, team, and organizational approach to constantly improving software quality and value delivery.

We are going to give as many tips and tools as we can, offer more to download, and reserve 30-40 minutes for answering questions.

At this point, just a couple of weeks before the webinar, our presentation is coming together and the registration page is open. Already more than 500 people have registered — the fastest sign-up for any Rally webinar thus far.

Please join us. Register for the webinar

Details from the registration page

Date and time: Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1:00 pm Eastern  Standard Time (New York, GMT-05:00)

12:00 pm Central Standard Time (Chicago, GMT-06:00)

10:00 am Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco, GMT-08:00)

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

In Agile software development, the whole team is responsible for quality, but there are many barriers to accomplishing that goal. When quality issues arise, teams often resort to the silo-based approach of finger-pointing and justifying, citing lack of control or time constraints as the root cause. Most development teams truly want to improve quality but they don’t know what to do, and often feel frustrated and powerless to change the status quo.

But there is a solution. Join Dr. Christopher Avery, expert on the Responsibility Process, and Zach Nies, VP of Products at Rally Software and an expert on Agile quality, as they reveal the secrets to achieving sterling software quality at your organization. This event will include 50 minutes of presentation, followed by 30-40 minutes of extended Q&A, so come and get all of your questions answered.

You will learn how to see common quality problems in a new way and understand their causes. Many people only focus on process and technology to address these issues; we will talk about a 3rd component: you. You will learn:
* the relationship between quality and ownership

* the difference between accountability and ownership, and how this difference affects quality

* How the Responsibility Process can be used as a framework for people and interactions to continuously improve quality

* How to apply the Responsibility Process to your development team

Don’t miss the chance to re-energize your teams and unite them via the shared goal of delivering better quality software. And don’t forget to bring your questions.

Again, please join us. Register for the webinar

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