Speaking at QCon 2008, San Francisco, November 19-21

People ask “Christopher, are you still working in agile project management, software development, and IT in general?”

You bet! Just because demand for Responsibility Redefined™ is spreading to other areas (and especially to executive leadership!) does not mean I’ve left the agile community. I just taught a two-workshop in Mexico City called

“Mastering Personal Agility for Executive Leaders” and I’ll be teaching my team leadership skills intensive in October called “Knowledge Team Leadership.” I won’t be at the Agile2008 conference this year for the first time in 5 years, but I will be speaking at QCon 2008 in San Francisco November 19-21, 2008.

The QCon line-up: Being Agile

Amr Elssamadisy has assembled an excellent panel for a day-long track he is calling Being Agile. I’m honored to be included and I look forward to spending the day with these experts. I think it will be an excellent track to check out, or even to attend QCon just to get access to these speakers…

Adopting Agile Practices

Amr Elssamadisy

Being Agile (1)

Kent Beck

Teamwork Is An Individual Skill: How to Build Any Team Any Time

Christopher Avery

Agility: Possibilities at a Personal Level

Linda Rising

Transcendence and Passing Through the Gate

David West

You can find the abstracts for these talks on the Being Agile page at the conference site. Come see us in San Francisco.
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