Swedes Show Love for Chinese Orphans

A group in the Swedish Knowledge Team Leadership training chose Plan for Swedes sponsoring Chinese Orphans surgeryto demonstrate their learning  by forming a team that in just a few hours designed, gained Chinese approval for, and launched a plan for a Swedish fund to sponsor surgeries for Chinese orphans. A team of four diverse individuals from different industries and parts of the world (Palaemona Mörner of Nyköping, Sweden; Eva Ullman of Stockholm, Sweden; Per Björklund of Gothenburg, Sweden; and Michael Wix of Auckland, New Zealand) came together, used the principles of Knowledge Team Leadership to break through perceived barriers and establish a team that is committed to making Chinese Orphan’s lives better.

Contact info for Sweden's Love Acccount teamThe fund is established, already has contributions, and formed an email list of interested contributors. The orphanage has agreed to communicate with contributors regarding needs as well as share before-and-after stories of surgeries. The least-expensive surgery is for a common cleft palette, repaired for about $1000.

Swede's Chinese Orphan's Love FundThe team’s goal is to receive an email from the orphanage by October 2007 telling of the first successful surgery.

In Europe, send your correspondence and contributions to Palaemona Morner.

In Asia, direct your correspondence and contributions to Michael Wix.

In the U.S. and other regions, choose either one.

Posted in Leadership on 08/09/2007 09:21 am
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