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Don’t Drive Accountability, Teach Responsibility
Accountability is the first tool of management. And, a billion-dollar consulting industry exists to teach organizations how to drive accountability into the organization. But I've noticed this: the more successful consultants and trainers are at driving accountability into your organization, the more personal responsibility goes down. Let's look at why that is the case: Accountability is the first tool of...

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Posted on 09/02/2014 01:17 am | 3 Comments
The Difference Between Accountable and Responsible Leadership
There is a big difference between being an accountable leader and being a responsible leader. The following may sound a bit harsh or pedantic at first, but stay with it and you will be rewarded with important distinctions: An accountable leader focuses on being able to account for his or her actions and results. (more…)

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Posted on 01/20/2011 10:31 am | 9 Comments
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