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InfoQ: Touchy Feely (ugh) Impediments to Agile Adoption
Responsibility Redefined received a favorable mention last week at the Agile 2008 conference in Toronto (even though I wasn't there for the first time in years) and was written up in InfoQ: InfoQ: Touchy Feely Impediments to Agile Adoption I missed this year's Agile conference due to other priorities and commitments. Maybe next year. I'm sorry to see such important...

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More Buzz on Personal Agility and Responsibility
Portia Tung kindly commented on my recent post about the buzz on my Agile University article that she would like to see me present Responsibility Redefined at Agile2008. . . Gotta respond to a softball like that Hey Portia - thanks for the nudge, and for the kudos on Responsibility Redefined. I've been debating what to propose for Agile 2008....

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