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Ask Christopher Avery, 10 March 2009 – Listen Now
It was a great Ask Christopher Avery Q&A session today. You can listen on the player here. The questions I addressed are below. Ask your question now for the next monthly session of Ask Christopher Avery. Jim: What is the most effective way to help a person move out of the “deep victim" stance into a more self-responsible way of...

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Finding me and Responsibility Redefined on social media platforms
We're incrementally developing a social media strategy. These are the places you can currently find me: Follow me on Twitter Let's be Facebook friends Link up on LinkedIn Subscribe to my shows or show feeds at Blog Talk Radio (Follow and Favorite me there too!) Subscribe and recommend Responsibility Redefined videos at YouTube As we figure out how to participate...

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Answers to Why People Refuse to Accept Responsibility
Ask Christopher Avery, my monthly "first Tuesday" Blog Talk Radio show (which you are listening to right now), this month addressed six important questions submitted by listeners. Maybe I'll answer your question next time... Q: Why do so many folks refuse to accept personal responsibility, preferring to pass blame onto their spouse, business partner, children, etc.? Q: Any suggestions for...

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