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Applying TeamWisdom: Taking Personal Responsibility Helps the Whole Team
Are you unhappy or frustrated at work? Have you thought this about your team: "I can't be responsible for the quality of my team's efforts." "Getting on a good team is mostly a matter of luck." "If I'm part of a poorly functioning team, and I'm not in charge, there is little I can do but bear it." These kinds...

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“Teamwork Is An Individual Skill” now available for the Kindle
I was on Amazon last week grabbing the link for my book to send someone when I realized the product I was looking at was not the paperback version of Teamwork Is An Individual Skill but the Kindle version. I feel fortunate that the book is still in print and selling as strong as ever, so I guess it made...

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Buy “Teamwork Is an Individual Skill” Before the Price Hike
Can you believe that my book, Teamwork Is an Individual Skill: Getting Your Work Done When Sharing Responsibility, is in its, what, 8th printing (I think)? My publisher just told me that they are raising the price again to $20.95. So if you've been thinking about ordering it (hint hint) now is the time to save a buck before the...

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