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Swedes and Responsibility for Teamwork
I just finished teaching Knowledge Team Leadership to a very appreciative audience from Stockholm and Gothenburg. Here's a picture of the class doing a final flip chart review—an exercise where student becomes teacher and reviews all of the material from the course with a partner in about 10 minutes. In this case it was very exciting to watch because I...

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Job Corps contractor applauds Responsibility Redefined

I spent Thursday in Layton, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City, with 100 Job Corps center directors, assistant directors, and regional and corporate executives of MTC, the largest Job Corps contractor. They operate twenty-some Job Corps centers stretching from Maine to Hawaii. Job Corps is a U.S. government training program that helps young people ages sixteen to twenty-four get a better job, make more money, and take control of their lives.

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Do You Qualify?
I recently examined and tuned up our qualification process, big words that mean we have some standards by which we decide whether to venture into an extended engagement with a client. Context is important, so this checklist is specifically for a Responsibility Redefined culture-building project in an IT department. Here's what I put in writing for the prospective client to...

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Visiting Sweden August 2007
We just arranged a private Knowledge Team Leadership seminar in Stockholm for August 6-10 time frame and could be available the week before (July 30-August 3) for other presentations in Europe. We'll be contacting colleagues in Europe who have asked to know when I come that way, but we may not get them all, so hopefully others can read about...

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Modern Plastics Recognizes Power of Responsibility Redefined
The March 2007 issue of Modern Plastics magazine recognizes Partnerwerks client ATEK Plastics for their amazing four-year turn-around story in which Responsibility Redefined played a role in re-building the culture and focusing both leadership and plant employees on a powerful language for continuous improvement. Responsibility Redefined leveraged ATEK's efforts in Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, internal collaboration, as well as customer...

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Collaborative Leadership Basics, Part 8: Keys for Creating Designer Norms in Teams
Originally published by the Cutter Consortium Agile Email Advisor. Used with permission. by Christopher M. Avery, Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium More in this series Collaborative Leadership Basics: Part 1: Why Is Collaborative Leadership Required for Agile Environments? Part 2: Develop Personal Responsibility for Team Productivity Part 3: Get in the Same Boat Together Part 4: Keys to the Boat --...

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Shared Space Supports Collaboration for Innovation
Fellow Cutter consultant Jeroen van Tyn from writes: Christopher, I'm writing a Cutter Benchmark Review on IT Trends, and one of the trends relates to innovation.  I remember a conversation we had at the Cutter Summit earlier this year, and I wanted to reference something you shared with me. You made a statement something like, true collaborative innovation happens when...

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A Modest Confession Inspired by “Million Dollar Consultant” Author Alan Weiss on Taking Personal Responsibility

Awake in the middle of the night, I arose for a cup of go-back-to-sleep tea and found Alan Weiss’s newsletter Balancing Act® in my in-box. Alan Image of Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weissis the best-selling author of Million Dollar Consulting wherein he tells how to make a million dollars a year as a solo consultant with no employees and thus low overhead, so you get to keep the entire million and don’t have to manage anyone. I’m not there, but I have been on his mailing list for years now and I enjoy a love/hate relationship with Weiss. More about that below.

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