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Gabriel’s story about our ability to respond
We're sharing your stories. More on that below. First, here's a good one... Gabriel's realization "I’m in Colombia for three weeks with my wife for a well-deserved vacation. We arrived last Thursday and we’ll be spending time with family, friends and by ourselves for some R&R. "I remember the first time I visited this country back in 2007. I was critical...

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Relearning How to Want
  Adapted from The Responsibility Process by Christopher Avery.   If The Responsibility Process is triggered when we have what we don’t want, then freedom, power, and choice come to us when we discover and pursue what we truly want. Unfortunately, most of us don’t really know what that is. We speak of it vaguely like “success,” “money,” “a relationship,” or...

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Honing Your Intention—The Winning Key
  Excerpted from The Responsibility Process by Christopher Avery.   Intention is defined as “the thing that you plan to do or achieve: an aim or purpose.” For example, “I intend to meet with my team today.” It is a determination to feel, behave, or experience something in a certain way. I’ve heard Intention described as a stretching or bending...

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