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Understanding Agile Teamwork Q&A with Dan Mezick
[caption id="attachment_2711" align="alignright" width="309" caption="Dan Mezick"][/caption] Last week Dan Mezick (agile coach, CEO of New Technology Solutions Inc., and AgileBoston volunteer extraordinaire) and I sat down "together" (on the phone) to talk about people and interactions at work. Dan wanted to pick my brain about the Creating Results-Based Teams workshop -- why technical professionals should attend and what they will take away. Listen...

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Responsible Leadership Interview
Michelle Ward, the When-I-Grow-Up-Coach, wrote these interview questions just for me. It's part of a Twitter & Blog game. If you want to play, please read the interview rules at the end of this post. I'm especially interested in interviewing leaders with a Responsibility Practice. And now, for Michelle's questions: What’s your definition of “responsibility”? First, thanks for asking such...

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