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Breaking Through

The monthly Agile Project Management E-Mail Advisor I write for the Boston-area think tank Cutter Consortium hit in-boxes today. It’s titled Collaborative Leadership Basics, Part 10: How Do You Get a Team to Develop a Clear and Elevating Goal? You can get any or all of Cutter’s email advisors by signing up for them. Here’s a brief excerpt from this one, then I’ll connect it to a fascinating email I received yesterday:

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Dark Star Spouts Off on Unaccountability
Blogger Dark Star spouts off today in an entry titled State of the Black Union: Accountability Ladder. The top of the entry was about four "ladder rungs" of unaccountability and four ladder rungs of accountability. The ladder metaphor certainly reminds me of the stage-wise nature of climbing the Responsibility Process™. I'll let you go read the blog entry for yourself....

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Face It
Responsibility eTip for January 2007 (get eTips emailed to you) You think you have problems? What about Ken Barnes, the rescued sailor whose solo circumnavigation attempt ended last week in a storm off the Chilean coast with his sailboat destroyed and taking on water? Asked whether he fretted before being rescued, Mr. Barnes calmly responded "there wasn't time to think."...

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Resolutions for a Responsibility Redefined New Year
A reporter asked me for unique New Year's resolutions, so I asked myself what Responsibility Redefined has to offer. Here's what I came up with. Resolve this year, and every day, and every year, to: Acknowledge your humanity -- your ability to both fall down and to get up and brush yourself off. Forgive yourself for all past, present, and...

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A Modest Confession Inspired by “Million Dollar Consultant” Author Alan Weiss on Taking Personal Responsibility

Awake in the middle of the night, I arose for a cup of go-back-to-sleep tea and found Alan Weiss’s newsletter Balancing Act® in my in-box. Alan Image of Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weissis the best-selling author of Million Dollar Consulting wherein he tells how to make a million dollars a year as a solo consultant with no employees and thus low overhead, so you get to keep the entire million and don’t have to manage anyone. I’m not there, but I have been on his mailing list for years now and I enjoy a love/hate relationship with Weiss. More about that below.

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