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Leadership Power Program Launch: Perfect Problem Breakthrough
After 6 months envisioning, speculating, researching, meditating, expanding, believing, and yes — planning and doing — the Perfect Problem Breakthrough program launched this week. The Perfect Problem Breakthrough program is for leaders seriously interested in: consciously expanding their leadership power daily, achieving their potential, and continuously expanding the energy of their team or organization. It's all explained in detail at...

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Knowledge Team Leadership Rated 9.44/10 90-days After
January 2009 Evaluation of October 2008 Knowledge Team Leadership Intensive 90 days AFTER returning to their teams following the October 2008 intensive, I asked participants "How likely is it for you to recommend a friend or colleague to Knowledge Team Leadership?" On a scale of 1 to 10 participants rated it 9.44. "What would you tell them?" They said: -...

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Which are the Most Influential Leadership Meetings?
I just posted the following project at connects employers with freelancers from many fields. ID Influential Conferences/Meetings This tiny project is Step 1 only, perhaps a couple of hours. There will be follow-on steps to generate proposals. For someone with "leadership development" domain expertise, this should be relatively easy. I'm interested in identifying the top five to ten...

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