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Finding me and Responsibility Redefined on social media platforms
We're incrementally developing a social media strategy. These are the places you can currently find me: Follow me on Twitter Let's be Facebook friends Link up on LinkedIn Subscribe to my shows or show feeds at Blog Talk Radio (Follow and Favorite me there too!) Subscribe and recommend Responsibility Redefined videos at YouTube As we figure out how to participate...

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Posted on 08/14/2008 01:38 am | No Comments
Get LinkedIn with Responsibility Redefined
I'm exploring how to better use social networking tools to get the Responsibility Redefined message out to more people faster. LinkedIn is one of two social networking tools that are an important part of that strategy. While exploring LinkedIn, I came across this button. If we're acquainted and you want to get LinkedIn to my Responsibility Redefined network, push the...

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Posted on 05/08/2008 07:53 am | 2 Comments
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