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Leadership Skills: How to Work Through the Blues
Here are some tips for you to think about if you or a teammate suffers the blues as a result of ongoing economic changes or changes in your company.* First things first: it's natural to experience the blues when things change. Congratulate yourself for being human and having feelings! Such blues have a name: "anaclitic depression." Identified in 1946 by...

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Leadership Skills: Tap Into Team Members’ Existing Motivation
Most leaders have the motivation process exactly backward! For who knows how long, when you (a leader) wanted me (a follower) to commit to high performance, you and I both expected YOU to tell ME what's in it for me to work with you. It's much smarter to tap into my existing motivation by asking ME to tell YOU what's...

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Learn The Most Powerful Tool for Managing Peer Motivation
Motivation is more important than technical skill-set in predicting team effectiveness — and thus performance. There. I said it. But few leaders know what to do about this, so they ignore it or resist understanding it. I Wish This Were Less of a Secret I want to tell you about the best tool available for managing peer motivation I have...

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