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A Tale of Two CIOs: One “Managed Change” While the Other Skyrocketed Productivity
Blogger's note: this piece is reblogged from The Cutter Consortium. I originally wrote it for their Business Technology Strategies Email Advisor, July 2012. CIOs sit between a rock and hard place. On one hand, the already ridiculous pace of change continues accelerating. Then the C-suite hands down more numbers you must meet for the business to succeed. On the other...

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Management Training That Works — The Responsibility Process™ Makes it Easy
When things go well, responsibility is seldom an issue. But when that graceful state of flow turns to upset because your attention gets disrupted by a problem you didn't anticipate or don't want to deal with, your words reveal where your head is: I didn't know that was my job! It's not my fault; she did it! That's just the...

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