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“Happy Birthday” in Three Languages
Thursday night I was the guest of Anders Risling and Lärke Johns for dinner in their home in Stockholm. Anders wrote the first book in the world on knowledge management— öretagetKunskapsf, ("The Knowhow Company" co-authered with Karl-Erik Sveiby, 1986. Awarded Best Management Book in Sweden 1986). Anders and Lärke are partners in the consulting firm Provins Fem. Eight other partners...

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High Performance in Swedish
Today I was teaching Responsibility Redefined to a wonderful group of consultants at the premier Swedish consulting firm Provins Fem. I mentioned "effective" versus "efficient" and one of the consultants stopped me for a quick language check — as they had done all week when I used language they did not understand (such as "hold my feet to the fire"......

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Swedes and Responsibility for Teamwork
I just finished teaching Knowledge Team Leadership to a very appreciative audience from Stockholm and Gothenburg. Here's a picture of the class doing a final flip chart review—an exercise where student becomes teacher and reviews all of the material from the course with a partner in about 10 minutes. In this case it was very exciting to watch because I...

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