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Great summary of Responsibility Redefined on Jo Cranford’s blog
I found a wonderful brief summary of our message about Responsibility Redefined on Jo Cranford's blog. It's in Jo's write-ups from my presentation at Agile 2006. Not only will you find a really sweet and concise explanation of the Responsibility Process and Keys to Responsibility there, but you'll find some pretty darn good commentary about agile practices and life in...

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Hanging The Responsibility Process™ posters around Brazosport High School

From: Lynn Akins
Date: October 7, 2006

Brasosport ISD logo
My husband, Anthony Akins, met you at Valtech Days in Dallas this past week. He brought me your book, thinking it would help me in my job as Special Education Department head at Brazosport High School. A quick glance through the book tells me he is right. Thanks, and I look forward to placing the Responsibility Process poster all over my campus!

Lynn Akins

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Acrotech Team Rocks – Email From a Happy Client
From: Tom Houdeshell Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2006 9:25 PM Hi Christopher Hope to you are able to attend our 60th anniversary celebration on December 7. Your invitation should arrive shortly. Looking forward to additional training again this next year. Thanks again for all of your help! FYI, Sales, profit, and efficiency are at all time highs!!! Turnover, and scrap...

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Trading on Responsibility
What do three leading brands -- a beer, a wireless service, and a life & casualty insurance company -- have in common? Valuing responsibility, or at least trading on it. (more…)

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Other RR Sightings Are Available Here…
Other Responsibility Redefined sightings will be reported in the News section of

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Report sightings of Responsibility Redefined™
When I close my eyes, I can see the Responsibility Process™ hanging in every office, classroom, kitchen, and church in the world. It's a powerful reminder of how we choose to operate when rocked by upsets large or small. I want to know when you notice the Responsibility Process™ showing up in places you hadn't seen it before, and when...

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