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Knowledge Team Leadership Rated 9.44/10 90-days After
January 2009 Evaluation of October 2008 Knowledge Team Leadership Intensive 90 days AFTER returning to their teams following the October 2008 intensive, I asked participants "How likely is it for you to recommend a friend or colleague to Knowledge Team Leadership?" On a scale of 1 to 10 participants rated it 9.44. "What would you tell them?" They said: -...

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Team Leadership Event for Alamo PMI
Congratulations Alamo PMI on your growth and success Yesterday afternoon I drove into San Antonio to check out the venue for the March 4-5, 2009 Knowledge Team Leadership intensive and then to the Alamo PMI (Project Management Institute) chapter meeting as the evening's guest presenter. It was a packed house with 209 chapter members in attendance. Chapter President Peter Hottenstein...

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Almost Sold Out for Alamo PMI talk next week
I just heard that reservations for my after-dinner talk at Alamo PMI in San Antonio Wednesday, January 28 are going fast--"filled up faster than we've seen in a long time" according to my host. That's encouraging news for Alamo PMI, for me (I hate it when people don't show up), and for the economy. I'll be talking about How to...

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