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Avoiding Leadership Burnout: Interview with John Styffe, Self-Sustainability Expert
How can you lead others to a better and more productive life at work if you aren't doing it yourself? It's true: leaders who operate at a sustainable pace are happier, get more done, sleep better, are less likely to experience sexual dysfunction, are healthier and more fit, experience less burnout and depression, and are far more inspiring to follow....

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How Teaching Responsibility Translates to Higher Productivity
I want to dispel the myth that responsibility is an inherent personality characteristic. Responsibility is learnable -- my client’s results prove it over and over again. With the advances of the last twenty-five years responsibility is a directly observable, learnable, and teachable mental process anyone can understand and master. When leaders treat responsibility as a personality trait (or flaw), then...

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Should you “throttle” responsibility?
Leaders who are relatively new to learning about the mind's internal Responsibility Process™ often ask: "What about the person who is too responsible?" One such question landed recently after I co-presented a webinar with Zach Nies (VP Products, Rally Software) called The Best Kept Secret of Agile Software Quality. Our message was that quality is a 3-legged stool of process,...

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