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The Leadership Gift™ Skills: Recognizing Mental States in The Responsibility Process™

Christopher Avery: Leadership Gift Skills – Recognizing Mental States in the Responsibility Process

Posted on 05/21/2012 04:07 pm | 1 Comment
The Responsibility Process™ Translations: Now Download Bulgarian and Norwegian Poster PDFs
I am pleased to add Bulgarian (shown here) and Norwegian translations to the growing list of full-color Responsibility Process™ poster PDFs that you can download, print, and post or distribute. Find all the translations here. These posters are increasingly being seen in offices, conference rooms, kitchens, and schools all over the world. Where will you post your Responsibility Process™ poster?

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Posted on 03/16/2012 02:00 am | No Comments
How to Change Blaming to Leading: Part 1
I was honored to be asked to give the keynote speech at Agile Day 2010 NYC in Times Square last month. I called it: "Are We As Agile as We Think?" Shared Responsibility Early in my speech I asked how many in the room are in a position of "shared responsibility" in their workplace. I asked: "Are you in a...

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Posted on 10/26/2010 01:00 am | 1 Comment
Responsible Leadership: The #1 Action for Taking Charge of Anything
Please Just Tell Me! I’m often asked "Christopher, what is the single most powerful action for practicing responsible leadership, i.e., for taking charge of any result, including my life success?" You might be surprised to learn what it is. It will sound so simple. But it has profound consequences for how you claim and exercise your power to Learn so...

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Posted on 01/12/2009 11:06 am | 3 Comments
The Onion Spoofs the Mindset of Obligation
This headline just reported by The Onion (picked up from Twitter. By the way, The Onion's Twitter id is "theOnion", mine is "christopheraver"): Top Story On John McCain Run Out Of Obligation | The Onion - America's Finest News Source It's an hilarious spoof on the mindset of "obligation" in the Responsibility Process™. It truly portrays what miserable performance we...

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Posted on 09/03/2008 08:59 am | No Comments
Learning to Avoid Blame
Over at Dr. Ellen Weber posts about how Secondary Schools Stunt 3 Skills Business Needs. Those three critical skills? Problem solving, decision making, and creative thinking. It's worth your read. Here's the comment I left there: Thanks for your great blog and posts. I appreciate your prod for more intelligent secondary schools, and like where you are going with...

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Posted on 10/31/2007 01:29 pm | 4 Comments
Mission accomplished!
I'm home from Washington DC and off again to San Francisco. I completed Missions 28, 29, & 30 for 2007 while in Washington DC, and will complete Mission 31 in San Francisco this week. I decided this year to begin thinking of each opportunity to speak and teach about the Responsibility Process™ as a separate mission whether it is a...

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Posted on 08/22/2007 10:49 am | No Comments
Hanging The Responsibility Process™ posters around Brazosport High School

From: Lynn Akins
Date: October 7, 2006

Brasosport ISD logo
My husband, Anthony Akins, met you at Valtech Days in Dallas this past week. He brought me your book, thinking it would help me in my job as Special Education Department head at Brazosport High School. A quick glance through the book tells me he is right. Thanks, and I look forward to placing the Responsibility Process poster all over my campus!

Lynn Akins

Posted on 11/18/2006 07:05 am | No Comments
Report sightings of Responsibility Redefined™
When I close my eyes, I can see the Responsibility Process™ hanging in every office, classroom, kitchen, and church in the world. It's a powerful reminder of how we choose to operate when rocked by upsets large or small. I want to know when you notice the Responsibility Process™ showing up in places you hadn't seen it before, and when...

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Posted on 06/09/2006 03:09 pm | No Comments
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