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The Cranky Middle Manager #145 Responsibility Redefined with Christopher Avery
My Cranky Middle Manager interview is posted. Wayne Turmel, the host of the hit Cranky Middle Manager podcast, interviews me about the Responsibility Redefined™ framework and what middle managers can do to be more successful. You can listen or download the podcast here: The Cranky Middle Manager #145 Responsibility Redefined with Christopher Avery I love Wayne's own crankiness, a perfect...

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Posted on 05/27/2008 09:49 am | 2 Comments
My Cranky Middle Manager Podcast Interview Happened Yesterday
Wayne Turmel's Skype rang once, rang twice, rang—oops, my Skype crashed. It was a good omen. A few minutes later when Wayne Turmel and I reconnected, yes on Skype, which is how Wayne Turmel records his Cranky Middle Manager podcast interviews with authors and other experts, Wayne Turmel told me that the more technological glitches suffered during an interview the...

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Posted on 05/08/2008 03:00 pm | No Comments
Responsibility Redefined on The Cranky Middle Manager Show
Just got off the phone with Wayne Turmel, host of the The Cranky Middle Manager Show, one of the most-listened-to podcasts on the internet. He wants to interview me about Responsibility Redefined as a leadership tool for, well, cranky middle managers. That interview will happen sometime in May 2008, so stay tuned. I'll certainly link to the Cranky Middle Manager...

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