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Joy and Responsibility at Work
  An Audio Post   Welcome! Rich Sheridan is CEO, chief storyteller, and co-founder of Menlo Innovations in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He's also the author of the book Joy, Inc.  (more…)

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Leadership Skills: How to Create a More Grateful Workplace in 2014
Today let's look at gratefulness and acknowledgment in the workplace. It's a new year -- let's start 2014 with new, positive intentions for a grateful workplace. Think of three things at work for which you are grateful. No, this isn't a joke. I mean it. Don't read any further until you have three things in mind. Do you have three...

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The Responsibility Process™ Helps You Deal with Feelings of Obligation
When you feel obligated, you are doing something you don't want to do but feel you have to. Feeling like you "have to” generates resentment that you either bottle up or release at unrelated or inappropriate moments, and the resentment produces unproductive or at least wasted thoughts and action. The Responsibility Process shows us that the feelings of obligation are...

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