Take responsibility for your money, study with Dave Ramsey

I heartily endorse Dave Ramsey (http://www.daveramsey.com/) as a Responsibility Redefined resource. If you want financial peace and freedom, get Dave Ramsey in your life. He has redefined the notion of taking responsibility for your money.I’ve been checking out Dave Ramsey’s philosophies, tools, and advice on money for about a year. Flower, our marketing and sales leader, first told me about Dave Ramsey in a way that I paid attention. I remember hearing about a Christian-based get-out-of-debt guy a few times, but I never paid much attention. As you know, self-professed money gurus and their get-out-of-debt and get-rich schemes are plentiful. I’ve studied with and investigated a bunch of supposed financial wizards. Shoot, I even Kim & Robert Kiyosakiknew Robert Kiyosaki before he became famous. I learned much from Robert, mostly, to believe in myself and to seek clarity of thought. In fact, I might not have the passion for Responsibility Redefined that I do if not for Robert. More on Robert below. Let’s get back to Dave Ramsey.

Dave Ramsey has earned my endorsement for these reasons:

  1. He has applied the principles off Responsibility Redefined to his life and to helping thousands of others get out of debt and achieve financial piece. In the process, he has helped them develop personal responsibility for so much more. By improving their money situation, people improve their relationships and their life. How so? First, he applies the Responsibility Process™ to the routine things that can go wrong with money (not that he knows the Responsibility Process per se, but he absolutely understands it). For instance, his first step at gaining financial freedom is to save a $1000 emergency fund. He says that when your transmission goes out and you have a car crisis — or you have a medical crisis, a plumbing crisis, or a fill-in-the-blank-crisis — you don’t need to have a money crisis at the same time. One of his stock phrases is that if you don’t have an emergency fund saved up, then Murphy will move in with you.
  2. And he treats money smarts as not just economic algorithms, but also as psychological and relationship processes. For instance, part of his get-out-of-debt plan is the debt reduction snowball. In that process, you rank all of your debts from smallest to largest and you knock them off by size — smallest first, thereby gaining some psychological advantage as you see the total number of your debts decrease steadily.
  3. And he treats the whole person, relationship, and family — not just the wallet. He’s honest about avoiding and taking responsibility. Dave keenly applies the Keys to Responsibility™ (intention, awareness, confront) to himself and others to master money. His intention is very high — in fact he talks about people who get “gazelle intense” about reducing expenses and increasing income in order to get out of debt. He specializes in awareness. Dave claims that he hasn’t invented any of his tools or principles, just packaged them smartly. But he has done a brilliant job of finding what works and doesn’t work, and tested it over and over and over again with thousands of people. And what about confront? He delivers straight talk to people who need to hear about their denial. And he knows about denial. He was a real estate multimillionaire when he was 28 before going bankrupt due to being over-leveraged. He completely owns that entire experience saying “I know stupid. I’ve done stupid with zeros.”
  4. But what I like most about Dave Ramsey is his sincerity which I read and hear demonstrated in all of his messages and advice. I like his honesty. Is he making a buck? You bet. But his services are cheap, he’s helping a huge number of folks (his syndicated radio program is on about 300 stations now), and he appears to have impeccable integrity about it all. He is truly doing well by doing good.

If you want to be responsible about money so that it works for you instead of you working for it, check out Dave Ramsey. If you can’t find him on the radio, you can get about 30 minutes of his program podcasted everyday for free.

I promised more about Robert Kiyosaki. Sometime in the 1980’s Robert and a Marshall Thurberpartner took over a personal development program called Money & You from it’s genius developer, Marshall Thurber (pictured at left).Bill and Linda McCarley I attended Money & You in 1991 and met Bill McCarley (pictured at right with his wife Linda), the promoter in Austin. The Responsibility Process, then called the Responsibility Flip Chart (because all the content was taught on flip charts) and in a more primitive state, was taught in the course. Bill was training to be a Money & You instructor and had established a relationship with Marshall that remains to this day. Bill and Marshall continued to correspond about the Responsibility Process and Bill made it a focal point of his practice helping people clear their limiting beliefs. I began studying with Bill in late 1991 to master responsibility and haven’t stopped. Those of you who have worked with me have heard me speak of Bill McCarley and Marshall Thurber. If not for Marshall Thurber and Robert Kiyosaki, Bill and I might not have this 15 year history.

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