Taking Responsibility for Your Privacy on the Internet

I had the good fortune to spend 60 minutes interviewing a world-class expert in internet privacy for my show “Lead Team Succeed” available exclusively on Blog Talk Radio. We talked privacy, business, entrepreneurship, and why good people like you and me might want some anonymity in our surfing and emailing.

You can listen to it right now…

My Interview with Martin Greif

Martin is CEO of Privacy Partners LLC, an expert in internet privacy, and a corporate VP turned award-winning software entrepreneur. His products include the popular Private Proxy Software which encrypts the signal signal between you and your server so spies can’t hack in to your computer.

I did not realize how vulnerable I am…

when I use public access networks anywhere, like at airports, hotels, and coffeehouses. Anyone who wants access to the goodies on your computer can set up an free access wifi where you expect to find a free access wifi. Then they have access to everything stream across – – unless your signal is encrypted.

We also talked business and entrepreneurship…

and the true security of knowing how to leverage your expertise versus the often false security of having a job.

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