Team Leadership Communication Skills for Team Building – Show Notes

I just finished my Blog Talk Radio show Lead Team Succeed. Today’s segment was Team Leadership Communications Skills for Team Building. You are probably listening to it now if you have your sound on.

In this hour-long show I shared some of the most important truths I’ve learned in 17 years of studying and teaching team leadership communication skills for team building. These included busting a bunch of team building myths that are still prevalent in our society and businesses, and spilling the beans about the top four thinks I would do to build any team any time.

I also previewed the upcoming Knowledge Team Leadership intensive I’ll be leading in in Boulder, CO, October 21-22, and I answered a number of questions I’ve been asked about that session.

Promised Show Notes

I promised to post my notes from the show for you to download. Here they are:

Christopher’s PDF of show notes

And I suggest you download this one-pager of 3 case studies of client results for clients using Knowledge Team Leadership:

KTL Case Studies of client results

What about the bonuses?

I just got off the phone with someone asking about the promised bonuses. Here they are…

Each person who registers at my site (and my site only) by August 29 will receive a private 20-minute coaching session with me:

  • in-person during the workshop or on the phone before or after
  • recorded (if on the phone) for you to re-listen later
  • valued at $300+

Additionally, when 3 or more people on the same team register my site (and my site only) and attend together, their entire team (even if more than the 3 participants) will receive a 1-hour coaching session with me:

  • before, during (if time allows) or after the workshop
  • recorded (if on the phone) for you to re-listen later
  • valued at $1700+

Note: What’s the big deal about registering at “my site?” There are other sites where you could register. I’m not opposed to you doing that, but my bonus offer is only for those registering at It’s intended to be a benefit to readers of my Responsibility eTips and blog. You too can sign up for Responsibility eTips at the top of this page and get first notice of information and opportunities I’m involved with.

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