Team Leadership Interview with Businessman Adventurer

My fascinating interview with businessman, round-the-world yacht racer, and adventurer Simon Walker is ready for you to listen. In an earlier post I wrote about Simon’s celebrity with Fast Company and other media.

Our interview is an hour long. Topics include:

  • How Simon started sailing
  • How Simon built a round-the-world racing crew
  • The difference leadership and teamwork makes
  • Which is more challenging, sailing around the world or business?
  • Is it fair to compare sports leadership and teamwork to business?
  • Simon’s principles for building and leading championship teams.

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The picture of Simon above, if I am correct was taking while rounding Cape Horn, a particularly treacherous place. Here’s a video of one of Simon’s racing yachts in rough weather.


Posted in Leadership, Teamwork on 01/08/2009 10:13 am
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