Miguel Puerta

“In control of my life”…
{qluetip title=[…read full review] sticky=[1]} Thank you for introducing me to this powerful concept of taking ownership of myself.

With you I started to understand (and I reassured it later on) that “I do not own the stimulus I receive or the circumstances I live, but I do own my responses to them”. Over the last three years I’ve been studying Coaching and Change. The international programs I’ve taken in these fields have had a profound impact on me. However, all of them build on one thing I learned from you: The Responsibility Process™.

The most difficult thing is to accept that “I always produce my own results”, but once I admit it I feel more in control of my life. It’s not something magical or spontaneous; it requires hard work. From the material you include in “How to Teach Responsibility to Anyone” I learned in a very practical and simple, but highly effective way, to see how to reinforce The Responsibility Process™ as a habit using The Keys to Responsibility™. Definitively “intention” is the “starting attitude”, “awareness” is the “entrance door” and “confront” is the “ignition turnkey” to continuously expand my possibilities in every aspect of my life.

Practicing responsibility has allowed me to have the highest position in my professional career and to successfully implement change initiatives in my company that never would have succeeded before. In my personal life I have established strong ties with my wife and kids so we have been able to effectively deal with difficult losses and chronic health problems. And 2 years ago I started to exercise, taking responsibility for my health. Since then I have run at least 6 competitions and have lost 18 pounds. I am aware that practicing responsibility is a continuous process and that will never end, but I have found in your concepts a solid ground for functioning.

The Responsibility Process™ does not make my problems easier than they were before. Instead, it makes me expand my possibilities to handle them better. In that sense it doesn’t solve problems instantaneously, but it “solves” me. Do you understand what I mean? The Responsibility Process™ does not work on my problems, it works directly on me!

The first time we met I told you that many authors I had read insisted on “taking responsibility first” as the most important thing to execute effectively, but they never said how. You do and you do it greatly!{/qluetip}


Miguel Puerta
Learning and Organizational Development Director
Grupo Industrial Saltillo

Posted in on 01/20/2011 11:04 pm
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