Palaemona Mörner

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I just have to tell you that I tried to explain The Responsibility Process™ to my 23 year old daughter and her friend and it worked just great! They are studying at a program for HR-people at the university and my daughter’s friend was so inspired that she considers to change her topic for a major paper. Now I have translated the words of the process into Swedish plus the notes that I took during the seminar and I will use this as my own background material for a demonstration later on with my group at work.

I had one afternoon free on Thursday after the seminar, sitting at Stanstead airport waiting. So I went through the notes and tried to translate what I found to be the most relevant parts with my group in mind. I’m thinking of using one theme at each weekly meeting as an extra to the today’s agenda. I will introduce the Meeting Management rotation. Great stuff. I love it!…

What really, really stayed with me after the seminar is the part on expansion and win-win thinking. I have had the opportunity to demonstrate this different perspective in some strategic discussions with my boss and the top politicians. Extremely effective and ground-winning. They hardly even notice what’s going on, but suddenly their thinking is much more positive and there are new and interesting ways of getting ahead.


Palaemona Mörner
Nyköpings, Sweden
Posted in on 01/21/2011 01:05 am
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