The Leadership Gift Program 2019 Teaching Team


Last semester we quietly experimented with a teaching team (as opposed to a single instructor). It was a hit!


You can learn so much from teachers other than Christopher. Why? Because they are

  • different people,
  • with different experiences,
  • from different walks of life,
  • from different countries,
  • with different motivations, and
  • different lengths of study.

Participants loved it.

So, this semester, we’re adding a dimension: co-facilitation. We’ll be pair teaching.

Meet the Teaching Team

Eight deeply experienced Responsibility teachers representing four countries.

Nadine & Henning Wolf are married. They are coaches with it-agile GMBH in Hamburg, Germany where they co-teach The Responsibility Process® workshops as certified trainers. In addition, they comprise two-thirds of the team that translated The Responsibility Process (book) for the German version.

Mike Edwards, coach and author at, hails from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. He’s a long time member of The Leadership Gift Program and also teaches The Responsibility Process workshops (as a certified trainer) for his clients.

Craig Dial is ScrumMaster Sensei (servant leader for ScrumMasters) at cPanel in Houston, Texas (LinkedIn). He is an accredited Practitioner in The Leadership Gift and hosts a twice-monthly Midweek Mastery call for members only.

Ashley Johnson prodded Christopher as early as 2005 to find a way to make The Responsibility Process teaching and mentoring available online in order to reach far more people who want to be free. He is a charter member of The Leadership Gift Program and an in-demand agile business coach who teaches that Responsibility is the essence of agility. (LinkedIn)

Towo Toivola (toe’ voe) leads a thriving Finnish community studying and practicing The Responsibility Process. He is Agile Competence Lead at Siili Solutions in Helsinki. Towo, an accredited Coach in The Leadership Gift, is also a certified trainer of The Responsibility Process workshops. (LinkedIn)

Elaine McNaughton, Principle Program Manager, Sabre Airlines (Dallas, Texas), is a charter member of The Leadership Gift Program. Elaine has been an ardent student of The Responsibility Process for more than thirteen years, taking the lessons to the front lines of agile program management. (LinkedIn)

Christopher Avery, PhD, The Responsibility Process guy and host of The Leadership Gift Program has been studying, applying, teaching and mentoring leaders with The Responsibility Process since 1992. He lives in Austin, Texas. This is his website.

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Christopher Avery headshotChristopher Avery, PhD, “The Responsibility Process guy”, founded The Leadership Gift™ Program to make world-class personal leadership development accessible to individuals worldwide. His books include The Responsibility Process and Teamwork Is An Individual Skill.

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