The Onion Spoofs the Mindset of Obligation

This headline just reported by The Onion (picked up from Twitter. By the way, The Onion‘s Twitter id is “theOnion”, mine is “christopheraver”):

Top Story On John McCain Run Out Of Obligation | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

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It’s an hilarious spoof on the mindset of “obligation” in the Responsibility Process™. It truly portrays what miserable performance we give in the mindset of obligation.

Obligation is one of the landing places in the mind’s Responsibility Process™. The Responsibility Process is a recent discovery in normal psychology (the psychology of normal people like you and me) that shows how we respond when things aren’t quite right in our worlds.

If you are living any part of your life in obligation (your job for instance, or some aspect of a relationship) and want out, the first thing to do is to understand there is life beyond obligation. You don’t have to stay stuck in Obligation. This site has tons of resources to help. Try following some threads on this blog, download some of the pdfs and mp3s, join the Responsibility eTips list, and check out the store. We’re here to support you in learning how your Responsibility Process works so you can overcome an challenge, achieve your dreams, and have a better life.

Posted in Responsibility on 09/03/2008 08:59 am
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