The Responsibility Redefined Attorney and the Irresponsible Client

An attorney who studied Responsibility Redefined™ with me awhile back sent this story about the Responsibility Process™ in action. I’ve altered a few details to protect confidentiality.

The new client came to me at 2:00pm on Monday afternoon and asked if we would represent him in selling his business for $5.3 million. And by the way, it needed to be closed up by Friday. When I asked why such a rush, he muttered something about the Buyer being in a hurry and he didn’t know why.

Then I looked at some of the documentation. He had signed a letter of intent months ago and was trying to do it all himself, to save money. He finally figured he was in over his head when he got the 60-page purchase agreement for the business and the 25-page purchase agreement for the real estate.

Responsibility Redefined wristbands So, with my Responsibility Redefined wristband firmly about my wrist, we signed an engagement letter and dove in. During the process, the client was a poster child for your Responsibility Process. It was interesting during the process to watch my client move from Denial (that he waited too long; don’t ask me about the details, just pay me the money), to Lay Blame (on the Buyer for the rush, and the pressure, and the nit-picking negotiation process), to Justify (“If they didn’t want to accept my position on items, they can take their deal and go home”), to Shame (“I’m sorry I waited; I didn’t realize how much work this was”) to Obligation (thank you so much for saving this deal for me). He almost Quit once (over a rather silly accounting issue, but we pulled him back in the room after the two principals had sworn at each other for about 5 minutes). Unfortunately, I don’t think he ever, nor perhaps will he ever, turn the corner to actual Responsibility. Not his nature.

Oh, well. I think we exercised the Responsibility Process well. I still have the wristband on.

What a story. I’m so glad I got permission to share it with you.

How can you get your own Responsibility Redefined wristband? Since the wristbands are not yet available for sale, you’ll just have to wait until the wristbands become available at our store, or you can ask me to bring a few Responsibility Redefined wristbands when you engage me to teach The Responsibility Process™ and the Keys to Responsibility leadership lessons to your group (hint hint). Actually, just connect us with a decision maker at your company or association who hires speakers like me with unique and powerful leadership messages (i.e., a senior exec, conference or association meeting planner, or corporate leadership development manager), and I’ll send you a Responsibility Redefined wristband.

Posted in Responsibility on 05/05/2008 07:00 am
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